About us

DC-POLSKA sp. Z o.o. based in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska was established in the area of ??highly developed furniture industry dating back to the traditions of the 17th century. From the beginning of our existence, we have been aiming to fully meet the expectations of our customers.

Confidence in action, speed in implementation!

We develop, we create, we are - for you!

MISSION: We are here so that when you think of the best furniture accessories, you think about our company.

STRATEGY: Our client will not be a one-time buyer of our products - he/she will become a member of our family, just like our employees and contractors.

OBJECTIVE: 'Our goal as an enterprise is not just the best, but even exceptional level of customer service' SAM WALTON - Wal-Mart

MOTTO: 'Enterprises don't make purchases. Enterprises create cooperations.' CHARLES S. GOODMAN

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